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Movie Review: Velvet Buzzsaw [Some Spoilers]

Think Nightcrawler and Mulloholland Drive and you probably have a grasp as to what to expect before stepping into Velvet Buzzsaw. Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest movie hit Netflix and select theaters on Friday February 1, 2019 and I can successfully say that I feel compelled to get rid of every single piece of artwork in my apartment. Is that a spoiler? From the trailer, it is hinted that there is truly something wrong with the artwork in the film. Prepare yourself for a much, much darker version of Night at the Museum. We step into an over the top world of
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Netflix’s You Adds The Haunting of Hill House Star For Female Lead

For anyone who has binge-watched the Netflix series You, you’ll agree that the ending was jaw-dropping and shocking. The way they set up season two has everyone asking when the next installment in and even though season one ended off with Joe being confronted by *spoilers* his presumably dead ex-girlfriend, it seems that she won’t be the main female lead in the next chapter of this disturbing and cautionary thriller. Victoria Pedretti, you may best know as Nell Crain from another Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House; has been cast as a character named Love Quinn. Love will be
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Stranger Things Season Three Draws Influence From John Carpenter – “Bigger, Darker, Scarier”

While Stranger Things has a signature ominous style that is also mixed with lightheartedness due to the fact that its stars children in it, it seems that the third season will take on a darker tone than we’ve seen before. John Carpenter, the man behind Halloween; will be the influence that producer Shawn Levy says that the upcoming installment will be taking. “I can not go into the specifics, but as you saw the second season has become more cinematic, much more based on the characters than the first and this evolution will continue with the third. It will be
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