Catwoman Annual #1 Review


Catwoman Annual #1 (2019)

Written: Joelle Jones

Art: Elena Casagrande(1-11& 14), Hugo Petrus (12-13, 15-17), Scott Godlewski (18-38)

Colors: Jordie Bellaire

Lettering: Saida Temofonte

Cover: Joelle Jones & Laura Allred

Ink Assist: Le Beau Underwood (7-10)


Joelle Jones’ first Catwoman Annual is a standalone mystery told through a variety of points of view and rendered by three different, very talented artists all working in a variety of styles. It’s a comic that’s not quite like any others on the stands right now and a good first foray into Jones’ fierce take on the Gotham City antihero for anyone who may be new to it. In this exclusive first look, an unseen cameraperson tries to unravel the mystery of what happened, but it’s clear that’s going to be more challenging than the heist that led to the tragedy. And possibly just as dangerous. – Dc Comics

Side Note

Joelle Jones knows Catwoman so #$%^ well. I honestly hope if Matt Reeves puts Catwoman in his Batman film he will need a woman’s touch for this specific character and what better person than someone that can write Catwoman perfectly.


In Catwoman Annual #1 we start off with the perspective of Amanda Burress and we as an audience clearly know that she is lying through her teeth, not only from the dialogue, but from the art illustrated by Elena Casagrande and Jordie Bellaire, the way it is shown is overdramatic especially the expressions and the colors.

The next perspective we get are from the Detectives. Detective Sam Yilmaz and Detective Will Saito, who thank Catwoman is Psychopath, as detectives they look for clues and all the clues point towards Selina Kyle. In these two perspectives you can see that one thinks she knows her but still paints her in a bad light and the other that only know her because she is only connected to the crime, so they automatically think she is a psychopath.

Then we get the perspective of Selina Kyle’s this is where we start from the beginning. I really like this perspective because it really shows that Salina is not a bad person, she just does bad things for the right reason. Do I believe her full story probably not, but like most good liars, you always hide a specific lie within the truth.

My only problem is when does this take place? Is this before or after Selina Kyle marries Bruce Wayne.


When you usually have more than one artist for a specific comic book it can mess up the flow of the story, but in Catwoman Annual #1 it enhances the story. When it comes to the art, the coloring for me is the highlight. Jordie Bellaire does a fantastic job showing the mood in each panel.

Buy/Not Buy

If you love Catwoman or just great storytelling, then you really should get Catwoman Annual #1 at your local Comic Book store.