Cavill Superman Cameo Was Filmed for ‘Shazam!’?


If there was a matter that has long been discussed, it is the possible Superman cameo for DC’s Shazam! While it was planned to be a part of the film, the whole Superman cameo appeared to be DOA once an agreement couldn’t be reached between Cavill and Warner Bros.

A recent report throws that status in question as a test screening suggested that the filmmakers indeed had Superman make a cameo, although without his face visible. If true, it allows DC to get around their current predicament as far as Cavill is concerned while still having a connection with the established DC universe. The story apparently doesn’t end there. In a recent statement made by Jim Viscardi on the latest edition of the ComicBook Nation, Viscardi revealed that Cavill did shoot a Superman cameo for Shazam!. The question will be whether it ever is released. As before, that would depend if Cavill and his representatives can get his DCEU contract worked out. If not, the footage could be locked up in Superman’s fortress of Solitude, never to be seen.

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Source: ScreenRant