Child’s Play Reboot May Have Found Its Lead Actors


The Child’s Play reboot will hit theaters sometime in 2019. The original movie centering around a serial killer’s soul embodying a child’s doll has become essentially ingrained in pop culture. No matter what age, you know who and what Chucky is. Now, it seems that according to Collider that the reboot has cast its two leads. Aubrey Plaza of Legion and Brian Tyree Henry of Atlanta are currently in negotiations for starring roles. Plaza is being eyed to play the mother who comes in possession of Chucky and considering how talented Plaza is, this is a great fit.

Produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, Henry’s role is currently unknown, but according to rumors, he might be playing a police detective who is investigating the murders that are connected to Chucky. It’ll be really interesting to see how a modern-day Chucky movie is made and how “realistic” it will look. The previous movies have been one of horror and laughs. Much like Hollywood has been able to successfully bring back Stephen King’s IT, we should keep an open mind to believe that a Chucky reboot may work with the right pieces put in place.

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