Chris Evans Shows Once Again Why He Was The Right Choice To Play Captain America

When you’ve been a hero for the last 10+ years (and even more if you add in his Fantastic Four, Human Torch days), it’s apparently difficult to stop being ready to jump in to save the day.

That revealed itself last night at the Academy Awards when Regina King won for best supporting actress for her role in If Beale Street Could Talk. When Miss King appeared to have some difficulty moving with her flowing dress getting caught on her shoes, in came Chris Evans in true Captain America fashion to help steady her and escort her to the stairs. A heroes work is never done.

The moment so inspired one fan so much he photoshopped Captain America’s iconic Shield into the photo. I guess you can take the actor away from the hero but you can’t take the hero out of the actor.

Did you catch last nights Academy Awards? Did you see Chris Evans step up when the call came? It’s no wonder so many fans will miss him when he hangs up his shield. Share your thoughts about this or anything about last night’s festivities with us at GVNation.

Source: ComicBook