Chris Pine Says Wonder Woman 1984 Has a Different Tone Than First Film


Probably one of the most shocking things about Patty Jenkins’ upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film is the inclusion of Chris Pine. Last we saw Steve Trevor, he didn’t make it in the previous Wonder Woman film. So, what’s he doing back now somewhat 40 years after the events of Wonder Woman?

Pine sat down to talk about his role in 1984, which will take place during the Cold War and naturally have a tinge of patriotism in it, much like the first Wonder Woman, which took place during the first World War. While exploring Spain and Washington DC, where the movie was filmed, Pine expressed:

“I cried in front of the Supreme Court,” he says. “I was like, man, for all that we f— up, we’re still at it. We’re still trying. So I was super energized and pro-America.”

As for the tone of his character and the sequel, Pine stated:

“This one is a little different for me tonally,” he says. “The tables are turned, and I’m more of the deer in the headlights.”

How do you feel about the tone for the upcoming movie? Let us know!

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