CinemaCon Releases Trailer for Ford v. Ferrari – Details Revealed


CinemaCon’s first portion of Disney’s session was devoted to Fox products i.e. Dark Phoenix, Stuber, and the upcoming Ford v. Ferrari. Apparently, they showed the first trailer for James Mangold’s Ford v. Ferrari, which is based around the drive (pun intended) to make a superior car to the undefeated Ferrari. The film will star Christian Bale, Matt Damon, and Jon Bernthal. According to Deadline, the following are details from the trailer:

“The trailer open’s on Christian Bale’s cocky race car driver Ken Miles who is with his son at sunset at a racetrack: “Look there, there’s a perfect light.”

Matt Damon’s Carroll Shelby is asked by Jon Bernthal’s Lee Iacocca “to build the greatest sports car ever”

“It’s not about speed, it’s about survival,” said Shelby, “You need a car that’s better than anything Enzo Ferrari comes up with.”

Miles tells Shelby, “You think these guys will let you build the car you want, the way you want it?”

Lots of vrroom here, all played against the Rolling Stones’ “Gimmie Shelter” in the trailer.”

Maybe a movie about cars isn’t your thing, or is; but the cast looks fantastic and any time Rolling Stones is used, I’m usually sold. This movie was meant to have a summer release, but Fox moved it to November 15th, which is the heart of awards season. Hopefully, TIFF will book the film so people can have their first look at the upcoming film. Are you excited for Ford v. Ferrari? Let us know!