Clark Gregg Reveals Season Seven Is Likely The End For ‘AGENTS of SHIELD’


When the fifth season of Marvel’s Agents of Shield was coming to a close, it was very much up in the air whether that season would be its last. In preparation of that, the show writers made the season finale fit in that in-between realm where it could be a series finale or leave some wiggle room for another season. It was finally revealed that Agents of Shield would indeed be returning for a Sixth Season. In a surprise move, it was put out by ABC that Marvel’s longest running television show was also renewed for a Seventh Season. It now appears that the Seventh Season, which production has just now started, might be the last. At least according to series star and sometimes director (in front of and behind the camera) Clark Gregg.

Clark, who was promoting the upcoming Marvel film Captain Marvel, was asked about the series in a recent interview with Den of Geek. He wasn’t absolutely sure but it was his understanding that Season Seven would be the end.  However, he would never close the door on working with Marvel in the future.

That’s the word I’ve heard. The announcement I read was, two more seasons, six and seven. I feel so grateful for the journey that I’ve had, that I’m hesitant to ask for anything, but I’ll never say no when the Marvel Universe calls up. I feel very grateful for what I’ve done.

If Season Seven is indeed the series finale, it was a good run and must see TV in my house. If you have never watched Agents of Shield, I would encourage you to give it a try. It gets better as you go and by a certain point, you’ll be hooked. My wife was and she had no interest going in at all. All she knew was she had seen that Agent Coulson guy die in the Avengers. For those of you who have watched, are you happy or sad if it comes an end in Season seven? For myself, it will depend on how they end it. Of course, I never got over the end of Quantum Leap. Share your feelings with us at GVNation.

Source: Den of Geek