Comic Review: Detective Comics #994


Batman is a bit like a Sherlock Holmes of superheroes, isn’t he? From Batman the Animated Series, to so many comic book issues, some of the best Dark Knight tales are when the vigilante solves mysteries/crimes. In Detective Comics #994, we see Batman in a familiar place, discussing a new case with Commissioner Gordon. The only difference with this one as opposed to others, is that the victims of a double homicide are identical matches to Bruce Wayne’s late parents.

Pete Tomasi and artist Dough Mahnke bring us this latest installment that reminds me of class Batman. Brooding, meticulous, and a case that weighs heavy on his shoulders. On the anniversary of his parents’ death, Bruce Wayne is staring at victims surgically made to look exactly like his mother or father. Of course, the Commissioner doesn’t know this and so we can see where this case takes a more disturbing spin for the Caped Crusader.

“Classic Batman” is something I may use quite a bit for this review. Detective Comics #994 is not overly gritty or dark, but it’s a classic “who done it” with the edge of it being a crime in Gotham. Which, means anything but normal. This is apparent in the end, as we see what happens to a young woman Batman saves from a villainous creature. By the end, it’s clear who is behind the murders of the Wayne look-a-likes, and unfortunately for Batman, this villain is not the kind of man you want knowing your personal history.