Comic Review: Resurrected #5

Resurrected is back for its fifth installment which yet again explored new and interesting ideas resulting in the issue having its fair share of twists and turns all whilst wrapping up the story with a satisfying conclusion and still somehow finding room for some gripping action with the first half of the issue having a spy-thriller type vibe to it. The issue ends with the same core characters it began with which has its benefits and drawbacks but ultimately resulted in yet another great issue to round off this fantastic comic.



Resurrected #5, written by Christian Carnouche with artwork by Crizam Zamora, Salvatore Aiala, and Cardinal Rae wastes no time getting straight into the action after issue #4’s strong setup. Cain, Yindi, and the rest of the rebels mount a rescue mission to save Pam and the rest of the prisoners and put an end to the Drexler corporations schemes. The first half of this issue was a nice change of pace from the chaotic, action-packed scenes of the last issue. Don’t get me wrong it was still gritty and intense but at a slightly slower pace which gave time for some strong emotional story moments and some pretty epic reveals which blew the previous issues twists out of the water. I won’t spoil any here but they seriously shook me. The second half of the issue falls more in line with the generic 3rd act of an action film. Evil villain holds the hero’s hostage whilst he explains his evil plan until the heroes get an opportunity to escape. Normally this wouldn’t excite me but it was the intent of the villain that caught me by surprise and presented an interesting thought. Most of us would bring our family back people we love from the dead given the chance right? But what if they didn’t want to come back. The entire second half really humanized the issues main antagonist and made him more than just and “evil businessman or puppet master” In true resurrected style it really got me thinking about what the world would be like if this was a reality. Resurrected #5 carries on the same core ideas and themes that the previous issues have all sheared whilst also turning the dial up to an 11 for an epic conclusion.


Resurrected #5 is a mixed bag for me in terms of characters. It mainly focuses’ on the core characters that have been here since the start those being Cain, Yindi, and Pam. Whilst I enjoyed that because I love those characters It did, unfortunately, push some of those newer characters we met in issue #4 to the side. They’re still present throughout the issue but I just found myself not really caring for them as much as the others. I wish that those characters would have been pushed to the front a little bit more to stand next to the likes of Cain and Yindi rather than behind them. Overall, however, the stars of the show were fantastic here and did not disappoint.

We’ll start with Cain who I’ve come to love throughout Resurrected. We finally see his full transformation from brooding inspector to rebel freedom fighter and its great. He finally has his family back even if it’s not the one he was expecting. He’s naturally grown into a stronger and more likable character over Resurrected’s 5 issues and he is the best here he has ever been. Also having the issue end with some sentimental words from Cain himself was a lovely touch. Yindi was virtually the same as she’s always been in this issue, bar a small part right at the end which showed a nice innocent side to her. She caused a great bit of action throughout the issue, including a pretty epic standoff and some funny insults in-between her punches. Next, we have Pam who not only showed off more of his kickass action which was what initially drew me into his character in this issue but also demonstrated some major character development shifting to a more considerate and merciful leader rather than a brutish murderer. It was a nice decision that reflected on the heroes and villains as a whole and made pam easily one of the best standouts of the whole issue.

As for the villains, I’ll keep them anonymous as to avoid spoilers but like I mentioned previously they were humanized in a fantastic way that really made me understand and even sympathize to an extent with what they were doing and why they were doing it. We also saw some actual instances of the Drexler Corporation being a heartless business that is only focused on results which were cool to see and added some nice tension to our heroes already high-stakes mission.

Overall Resurrected #5 felt to me like the culmination of all the previous issues combined. It had the heart and soul behind its leading characters, it had the gritty and intense action and it put forward those really intriguing questions which were what first grabbed my attention when I initially started reading the series. It served as a fantastic and satisfying conclusion to what has been a great story. Resurrected #5 releases in March but in the meantime why not catch up on everything Resurrected by checking out the previous issues reviews and keep it here at GeekVibesNation for the latest news and reviews.