Comic Review: SHAZAM #1


While Shazam! doesn’t come out until April 5, 2019, you can get all of the Shazam! goodness in this latest issue that reunites Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham for this brand new series. The first Shazam! series in over twenty years, this is a great prelude (in the sense to sate your Shazam! needs ahead of the film) for fans. And believe me, I’m about to say “SHAZAM!” dozens of times during this review article.

Shazam! opens up in a similar way to the origin story we’re seeing in the trailer, with the tale of an old wizard and being worthy of the power.

The visuals are just plain awesome. I love the look of the lightning in this issue; it really got me hyped each page, and you can tell just from the artistic facial structure of Shazam that while he is this beefed out superhero, he’s also a teenage boy fighting off the baddies. Which, there is a scene right in the beginning featuring robbers in Justice League face masks that will immediately remind you of Spider-Man: Homecoming. I’m not sure if Johns and Eaglesham intended this to be a little Easter Egg, but it was certainly an amusing crossover.

As if the issue isn’t exciting enough, we are introduced to the Lightning League, which I was not expecting and absolutely loved the look of them and the fun that they all seemed to have? It was like some Aphrodite rock band kicking ass.

The rest of the issue follows the kids in an exploration that leads to some mystical corners, so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Don’t close the book, though; once the story is done, because the last few pages feature a Holiday themed story called “Mary” that is sure to warm your heart.

Overall, I loved this issue for its artwork, fun bravado, and sense of adventure. While we wait for the movie SHAZAM! make sure you pick this issue up.