Comics Review: The Dreaming


If you think of Pan’s Labyrinth, Nightmare Before Christmas, and The Long Halloween, you may have a slightly decent idea of what to expect when stepping into The Dreaming.

By Si Spurrier and Bilquis Evely, The Dreaming takes place within the Sandman Universe and it’s a dark and haunting story. You are at first introduced to Dora as she is pondering, cryptically and sadly; how she got to be in the dreadful position that she is in. As if reading an Edgar Allen Poe book, the melancholy feel along with the dark visuals really set up a story that takes place perfectly within the Sandman Universe. You can see where this comic book’s illustrations derive inspiration from and you quickly know you are in a fantasy land where anything and everything is turned upside down.

There’s very much dark humor in this comic issue and it’s very much needed to break from the depressive narrative that goes on with some of the pages. The characters in this comic are also unique and interesting to read and it would be almost a children’s book if there wasn’t someone with a fork stabbed into his eyeball. The Dreaming is an easy read that has a different feel to it than most comic books that we read today and is a perfect spin-off of Sandman; the ending is wonderful and you won’t want to miss anything.

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  1. Amanda Pike

    I honestly can’t comprehend anyone who actually read Sandman liking this thing… I tried. I really did. But for this to be the conclusion of an arc with Lucien apparently dead, Cain dead, nothing truly resolved or explained, and Siri’s idiot cousin taking over The Dreaming I can’t comprehend how anyone can sit here and honestly write anything professing to like it. Never mind that Si doesn’t seem to know what Cain’s mark is actually for (since he’s using lore from TV’s Lucifer / CW’s Supernatural instead of the actual folkloric rules about his mark addressed in Season of Mists), or he has written everyone (even Lucien) as cruel and unlikable and unpleasant. And poor Merv has been reduced to a racist Trump Supporter cliche based solely on casual classism since he’s the janitor type.

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