Concept Art Imagines Jason Momoa as Drax the Destroyer

With the Guardians of the Galaxy up in the air and Dave Bautista none too happy with Marvel, maybe it’s time to recast? I’m kidding, of course; that is not to be taken seriously.

But, one fan did imagine what it would have looked like if Aquaman’s star Jason Momoa would have taken up the role of Drax the Destroyer, looking incredibly akin to his comic book counterpart. This was done for the 2014 first Guardians of the Galaxy, which obviously went to Dave Bautista.

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Jason Momoa was almost Drax (before his #aquaman days;)! He also had a great audition that deftly displayed his toughness and double blades handles. But in short, Bautista was definitely the right choice— he had a perfect blend of natural quirk and braun😜. * This was an early sketch to explore the prospect of Momoa taking on the character. * The comicbook version was extremely close to another character that I designed called Kratos for #godofwar , so…I tried to steer Drax clear of it. @justinjsweet did the super cool final concept design for Drax! * * * * * #cinema #MarvelStudios #guardiansofthegalaxy #drax #JasonMomoa #charliewen #bts #moviemaking #filmmaking #filmcasting #conceptart #casting #marvel #castingcall #actor #characterdesign @prideofgypsies

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Although James Gunn was fired and we aren’t sure what’s happening with Guardians of the Galaxy, Kevin Feige has confirmed that a third installment will still happen. As for Momoa, Aquaman is well on its way to making over one billion dollars in the box office, so it’s good that this fanart never came to fruition. We like our Arthur Curry Jason Momoa style!