Conflict Between Hellboy’s Director and Producers Resulted in Miscommunication and Lawyers


David Harbour’s Hellboy looks to be a fun time, but apparently, there were some disagreements between the director Neil Marshall and two of the movie’s 16 other producers. Which, looks to have started when the producers decided to replace Sam McCurdy, who was Marshall’s go-to cinematographer. Harbour himself and a design of a tree also seemed to be the root of some of the disagreements. According to sources, it seems that producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin let McCurdy go simply to let Marshall know that he was “not in charge.”

Levin’s attorney, though; argued that wasn’t the case:

“While my client will not comment on why Sam McCurdy was fired as that is a private matter, be advised that it was a group decision and it had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Mr. Levin supposedly sending any kind of ‘message’ to Neil Marshall,” said the attorney, Martin Singer, in an email to TheWrap.

Both Marshall and Gordon declined to comment.

Some of the other issues include Levin interrupting Marshall in front of the cast and crew, Harbour walking off set due to Marshall asking for retakes (though Singer expressed that that was not the case), the script being rewritten all throughout production, the look of a surreal tree in the movie, and the fact that the producers took over once the director handed in his cut. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen studios stepping over directors, so this wouldn’t really be all that farfetched as far as moviemaking goes. Harbour, Ian McShane, and a spokesman for Lionsgate refused to comment.

Despite all of this, are you still planning on seeing Hellboy this weekend?