Could Black Widow Be the MCU’s First R-Rated Movie?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, obviously; is a huge success among the young adult and even older adult crowd, but part of the success of the MCU is that it can be marketed to anyone of any age. It’s also the reason why Deadpool was so heavily criticized when originally out in theaters by parents because they couldn’t bring their children to a superhero movie. Meanwhile, us in the young adult crowd and older loved movies like Deadpool and Logan and have enjoyed the Netflix MCU because of their gritty tones.

Now it seems like the MCU could potentially introduce its first R-Rated movie with the upcoming Black Widow film. This will be interesting to include a more “adult” installment within this Marvel world, especially with the pulling of the Netflix MCU and the introduction of Disney+. But, this could be a good decision depending on how they market it, making sure to emphasize that this is rated R, so parents, take your children to this movie with the idea that there will be some more curse words than you’re used to.

What do you think? Would you like an R-Rated Black Widow movie? Would it do well to welcome some of the Fox-owned Marvel characters?

Source: We Got This Covered via That Hashtag Show