Could Kit Harington Be In Contention For Matt Reeves ‘BATMAN’?

Our friend Mario over at Revenge of the Fans has been hard at work trying to find out the latest DCU news, especially when it comes to Batman and Superman. Last week on his podcast Mario dropped some names of people who WB and Matt Reeves might be looking at to play the titular character. We will not cover those names here but you can give his podcast a listen and hear that and much more. Today he has reported that WB requested some digital mock ups for Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington. Mario states that he has learned of two names who WB requested these mock ups for but he is doing more research on the other before reporting it.


According to Mario, Matt was interested in the mock ups for Kit because he has a similar build to Jake Gyllenhaal and Jack Huston who were rumored to have been in contention for the role of Batman as well. We know Jake has moved on to Spider-Man: Far From Home but Jack Huston could still be in contention possibly. Mario reports that in June WB wanted to see what Kit might look like in the Batman suit so they requested the mock ups. Mario says his source did not say if it went any further than that and no official talks between WB and Kit have been reported. Harington is 31 which would be the right age for Matt Reeves Batman if he is wanting to go younger. Harington is wrapping up the final season of Game of Thrones so he could be looking for something bigger to fill his time and there really is nothing bigger than playing Batman.

I think Harington has the acting skills and he has shown that he can be very committed to a role for long periods of time. Would the role of Batman be too much for him? It would be cool to have two British actors play Batman and Superman (should the talks with WB and Cavill work out). Mario says the actor he is doing the research on before reporting on it does fit the Affleck mold more than the other names he has heard and this actor might actually be the front runner, so its anyone’s guess who that might be.¬† What are your thoughts on this? Would you want to see Kit Harington take up the mantle of Batman? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.