Could ‘THE BATMAN’ Hit Theaters in 2021?


News is really beginning to circulate for The Batman, the film that originally has many fans doubting if it may even still happen. But, it is, and we may even be getting it sooner than originally projected. Production for the Matt Reeves’ movie is expected to begin in November, though; Bruce Wayne has not yet been cast.

According to Forbes, we could potentially see The Batman hit theaters around spring or summer of 2021, even though in the article; it does also say we could be looking at 2022. But, if everything works out the way it is supposed to, 2021 would be the ideal time.

“I suspect The Batman will hit theaters in the summer of 2021, rather than being held all the way until 2022,” writes Forbes, “However, it’s not outside the realm of possibility yet that a combination of unexpected delays in production start-date, ongoing considerations about the broader plan for production and release of other DC movies, and availability of preferred release dates could hypothetically combine to convince Warner a 2022 release is in the best interests of the film, the studio, and other films on the release schedule. But again, my expectation is a release in summer 2021 or maybe spring 2021.”

There is not any plot details, nor a cast; but people have still been expected for this project and it has caused a lot of debate as to whether or not Ben Affleck should be kept on, although; Matt Reeves is looking for someone younger to play the part. Are you looking forward to The Batman? Let us know!

Source: We Got This Covered