Could the Next Big Bad For The Flash Be Red Death?


With The Flash enjoying its summer off, fans will be pleased to know that the people behind the series are hard at work in looking for the next big bad. According to TVLine, season six will see a “new male Big Bad” which the show is seeking “diverse actors” for the part. Who exactly this not-yet-chosen actor is playing yet, we don’t know. speculates that it could either be Evan McCullock/Mirror Master or Red Death, who is a malicious speedster that was teased earlier this season. But, should The Flash have yet another speedster as its main enemy?

Earlier outgoing showrunner Todd Helbing spoke about Red Death:

“Red Death is pretty big.  I think you can tell the bigger characters when we talk about them that we don’t do that just as a one off little Easter egg. We give them a little bit more like, ‘Oh, man. These people might be coming in the future,'” Helbing said, acknowledging that “it’s a tricky thing with DC. We always need to talk to them in planning. There’s so many facets to it. There are always ways that we can try to make things work. That one’s particularly tricky but I would say ‘never say never.'”

Who do you think the big bad for season six of The Flash should be?

Source: CB