Could X-Men The Animated Series Be Setting Up For A Return?


If you’re old enough to remember X-Men the animated series then you remember one of the best comic book adapted cartoons ever out on screen, second only to Batman the Animated Series in my opinion. Do you remember the awesome opening theme song and the tough, rugged voice of Cal Dodd as Wolverine? That’s how you made animated comic shows. Some good news might be potentially brewing between the show runners of  X-Men TAS and Disney.

According to The Hollywood Reporter

 The creative team behind X-Men tells us they are planning on approaching Disney with a pitch for an onscreen continuation of the series, perhaps a season of TV that’d keep the aesthetic of the show. The one thing we’d like to do more than anything else is to continue where we left off, longtime X-Men artist Larry Houston says. The animated series ran from 1992-97 and pushed the boundaries of serialized storytelling for a Saturday morning cartoon. Among the classic comic book stories it adapted was …. Dark Phoenix.

Hell Yes! Excuse my langue but, if this happens and we get the X-men animated series on Disney+ it is over! X-Men the animated series is one of the best cartoons still to this day! This includes Avatar the Last Airbender, Batman the Animated Series and many others.
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