CW Releases Spring Lineup: iZombie’s Fifth Season to Take Supernatural’s Time Slot After April


As we are now at the beginning of the new year, The CW has announced its spring lineup that includes the season and series finales for various shows, as well as new time slots. Of one of the shows that are seeing its last season is iZombie, which will premiere its fifth and final season on May 2nd. This has to be the longest us iZombie fans have waited, with the third season having premiered in April two years ago.

Below you can find the 2019 schedule:

  • Legends of Tomorrow will return on April Fool’s Day, yes that is serious. It will trade with Arrow for its time slot for the remainder of the season, taking the 8 pm slot and moving Arrow to 9 pm.
  • Jane the Virgin will begin its final season on March 27th (a Wednesday) at 9 pm ET, followed by a new episode of Riverdale.
  • All American will have its first season finale on Wednesday, March 20th.
  • In the Dark is a new series starring Perry Mattfeld and will make its debut on Thursday, April 4th and 9 pm ET, following Supernatural.
  • Legacies will air its season finale on Thursday, March 28th at 9 pm ET.
  • My heart breaks as I confirm again that iZombie will begin its final season on Thursday, May 2nd at 8 pm, which will be followed by In the Dark.
  • The 100 will finally return with its sixth season on Tuesday, April 30th at 9 pm ET, which follows The Flash.

The important thing really here is that once supernatural premieres its season finale on the 25th of April, it will leave room for iZombie to take its time slot for the remainder of its final season, which again, makes me want to cry.

Source: CB