Daisy Ridley Talks The Rise of Skywalker, Rian Johnson Star Wars Films


Daisy Ridley talked to Good Morning America about her time with J.J. Abrams during Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker her is the interview and two videos on that interview.

Good Morning America: But we can’t have you here and not talk about Star Wars – only 177 days away but who’s counting until the world sees The Rise of Skywalker. Keri Russell said the script made her cry, what’s your reaction or what was your reaction to the script?

DAISY: The thing that was really amazing is – a lot of the crew did all three films, so it was really emotional anyway, but there were a few scenes that we did where everyone was really moved. And you a lot of the time the crew are doing their jobs, so it’s not like such an emotional thing – it’s like more technical and – but it was, some bits are – and a lot of it is – really moving. I found it very emotional. Yeah, finishing I was – yes…

GMA: Look, now you – we have to wait that long to see it? John Boyega posted a picture of him, you and Oscar Issac, what was it like the final days of shooting on the film?

DAISY: Well John wrapped, so I was like already hysterically crying. And then I wrapped, and I did a speech and I cannot remember what I said. I kept going “I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry” the whole crew was there – it was like embarrassing, and obviously people recorded it and I still can’t tell you what I said. I was like “I just had the best time in like my whole life” I’m really excited to see it.

GMA: You have not seen a cut of the film.

DAISY: No, J.J. has shown me a couple bits, which was very exciting. When we went in to go see the trailer he showed me a few bits. It feels – I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s cause I’ve done more now like it’s always really hard to watch yourself, but this time I feel – It’s the most excited I’ve felt.

GMA: Episode IX is the combination of the Star Warsuniverse so far, but do you think we’ll see Rey pop up after this latest addition?

DAISY: I mean, who can tell? What I would say is that I think it’s a brilliant end to the story. And like J.J. and Chris, who wrote it as well, have done an incredible job of like wrapping up, because there are so many references, obviously, to the nine films. Um, but also exists in its own thing. So, I think people are going to feel very satisfied.

Daisy Ridley also had an interview with Buzzfeed talking about a rumor that Rey will be in the Rian Johnson trilogy. Here is what she had to say,

BuzzFeed: So the last film in the current Star Warstrilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, is done. But there’s rumors that your character, Rey, may be in the next trilogy. Can you comment? Is that true? Are you thinking about it?

Daisy Ridley: I mean, I can say I’m not in the next trilogy. No. I think, cause Rian always said…if it’s the Rian one…or it’s the guys that did Game of Thrones. I’m not sure. Whichever one it was, they always said it was going to be a separate story. So I’m not. No.

BF: But would you want to come back to the universe?

DR: I mean, it’s a great universe. I’ve had a great time.

BF: So you’ve been out there as the woman, front and center in the series for the last couple of movies, and some of the “fans” have been critical. Do you have a strategy to put them in their place or do you just try to ignore them?

DR: Well, critical of me being a lady? I mean, I can’t change that.

BF: Critical of you being a lady in their blessed Star Wars.

DR: You know, I am a lady. I will always be a lady. Um, I honestly think now, with social media and stuff, weirdly people – like it’s great to have freedom of expression – but I do feel like people think that opinions have so much weight. I don’t really think…I don’t think like bad vibes should have the sun shone on them. Like, I don’t want to read your thing.

BF: You followed the lead of [Kelly Marie Tran]. You’ve deleted Instagram and Twitter. Would you ever consider coming back to social media or are you just cut off like a Skywalker limb?

DR: Cut off like a Skywalker limb.

BF: Never coming back?

DR: No, no. Also, I mean like, when I want to see what my pals are up to you just Google it, and you can go to Instagram. Um, no, I think it’s…Selena Gomez, I mean, she put it better than I did…but, it’s like, you know, it’s dangerous. Also, it’s great because a lot of people have a voice and especially in places where terrible things are happening and they kind of…you know…information or whatever, it’s great in that respect for people who are in serious or dire situations to be able to communicate. But for the most part, I think, um, No. No. No.

Hearing and reading Daisy Ridley’s interview has gotten me very excited for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker even more now. What are your thoughts comment down below or at Geek Vibes Nation!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – 12/20/2019