Date of Aquaman’s World Premier Tentatively Set

With the anticipation of DC fans who are just waiting and hoping for a great DC movie, they are counting the days until Aquaman arrives in theaters. They might now have an idea of when the film will make its debut.

According to a new tweet from Norman D. Golden II, it is has been tentatively scheduled:

While it is understood that this isn’t an official confirmation of the premiere date, if you factor in past history, it does make sense. Considering the importance of Aquaman to the new DC Films, to put on a large premiere at the Chinese Theatre would be fitting.

If for some reason you aren’t familiar, Aquaman will see Jason Momoa reprise his role as the film’s title character, as he travels through both Atlantis and the surface world. As Aquaman‘s first trailer already showed, you can forget everything you thought you knew about the comic book Aquaman.

As Producer Peter Safran told reporters on the set last year:

“I think one of the things that really drew James [Wan] to Aquaman was the kind of underdog nature of him as a superhero. And, I know that after [Furious 7] when he was offered, basically, anything he wanted to do — he told me, ‘I want to do Aquaman’. And, I had that same reaction that he seems to be one of those superheroes that people do make fun of. But, James loved the idea of turning people’s perceptions of Aquaman on their head. And so, he’s like, ‘Give me all the stuff that you made fun of and I’m gonna turn it on its ear and scare the s— out of you with it.’ And his feeling also was, it’s Jason Momoa; once it’s Jason Momoa you cannot make fun of this guy. He brings a whole new energy and power to Aquaman and just to the superhero world in general. And I think that that’s one of the things that James embraced most firmly.”

“A lot of people make fun of the fact that you’ve seen images of Aquaman on a sea horse and he’s like, you know what, just look at the sea dragon we’ve created that some of these guys are gonna be riding,” Safran said. “They’re absolutely a strong element. James is a guy who I think in many ways has been an underdog as well and I think he’s drawn to that side of how Aquaman is perceived.”

So we are tentatively one step closer to seeing if Aquaman will be the film we all hope for it to be. Will it live up to the anticipation we have all built up for it? Time will indeed tell. And rest assured that we at GVNation will be there to see the results and report them to you, and give you the platform to do the same.