David Ayer Says Steppenwolf Was Supposed To Be In ‘Suicide Squad’

We’ve seen what happens when studios interfere when it comes to some movies such as Justice League and another DCEU movie, Suicide Squad. 2016’s Suicide Squad saw the mashup of some of DC’s most infamous baddies and brought them together to fight against a common enemy. The Enchantress was probably one of the biggest ill reviewed aspects about the movie, with performances such as Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot praised as standouts.

“In the third act. It was a great setup, great characters. I think that if, when we do a second one, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of a grounded version of the film. I think the characters are so extreme, so I think it would be more effective if we’re seeing them [around] maybe less sorcery. Because I think the characters become more extreme if you see them in conjunction with more real people.” Rick Flagg actor Joel Kinnaman stated; original article can be found here.

In previous articles, director David Ayer admitted that the main villain in Suicide Squad should have been the Joker and that the CGI-heavy scenes with the Enchantress contrasted negatively with the rest of the film. So, it’s a bit surprising that recent tweets are confirming that Steppenwolf, boom tubes, and parademons were all supposed to be in the original cut of Suicide Squad. Considering how heavily CGI Steppenwolf was in Justice League, the film would have been completely different with the involvement of these other characters and would not even be close to grounded.

As you can see, Ayer confirms this. So, it is a little strange that we would have gotten so much more mysticism and CGI when the biggest complaints about Suicide Squad are the Enchantress and the use of CGI against these punk, grungy versions of DC villains. Personally, I’m hoping the next one will be even more grounded. Although I personally like David Ayer as a director, James Gunn will be helming the sequel so let’s see what the well-known Guardians of the Galaxy director does now that he is with DC.