David Sobolov To Voice Blitzwing In ‘BUMBLEBEE’

Voice actor David Sobolov who is know for his voice work on CW’s The Flash as Gorilla Grodd took to Twitter today to confirm he will be voicing the Decepticon villain Blitzwing in Parmounts upcoming Transformer spin off film, Bumblebee.

David is no stranger when it comes to voicing the robots in disguise. He has voiced Transformers Depth Charge and Shockwave. David joins actors Angela Bassett and Justin Theroux who will also provide voice work for Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick.

Bumblebee looks to get back to its cartoon and comic roots as director Travis Knight looks to give fans the classic G1 looks that fans all love. Reports indicate Bumblebee is testing very well and could end up taking the box office weekend come December 21st which is very crowded with other films such as Mary Poppins, Aquaman, and Alita Battle Angel.

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