DC Comic Review: Aquaman #47


It is a war of the titans! Or I should say that it is a revenge of the gods as this issue, if possible; got even better with the inclusion of literal sea creatures all ready to go toe to toe with the enemy at hand. As Andy, Arthur still is involved in this fight, realizing those who he had known as the simple people who took care of him at the cabin are now the creatures who are roaring in absolute ferocity.

I mention this every review that I do for the Aquaman series, but the illustration is absolutely stunning and gorgeous. Especially now, with them needing to draw out an epic battle in the sea; they do it perfectly. You can feel the story that is rooted in its own mythology and for a moment, you forget you are reading a superhero tale and rather, you believe you’re reading a great novel where you feel completely submerged in the story.

Andy realizes his powers in this issue and there is a nice, epic way they are able to wrap up the story here. Although, he finds out that his position is at the ocean and to be a leader, he still in unable to find out who he really is, athough; I have a feeling it’s probably going to be revealed next issue. As always, you need, NEED to pick up a copy of this Aquaman series, because it’s one of the best currently in the DC realm.