DC Comic Review: Aquaman #49


Arthur Curry finally learns the truth in issue number 49. Of what you say? Of everything pretty much.

Most of this issue is the telling of Arthur’s relationship with Mera. A look inside what caused Arthur to lose his memories – become Andy. The Mother Shark is who speaks to him. Telling him all he should know. What I really loved about this issue is the telling of Mera. Where she came from and what her actual mission was.

As someone who is more of a moviegoer than anything else, this is not the story we are privy to in the movie universe. To see the beautiful and beloved Mera as a former assassin essentially who was tasked to kill Aquaman is a creative spin that adds an interesting layer to the same ol’ same ol’.

Arthur’s love for Mera is beautiful, though; but even the reader will get the sense that the glass around this little love bubble is about to break. Arthur and Mera come from different worlds. And she has something important and life-altering to tell Arthur. It’s from this conversation that we find out what happened to Arthur. Why he didn’t remember who he was or who even the red-haired love of his life was.

We can see so many emotions cross Arthur’s face in this issue. It’s something that the illustration was able to capture so beautifully. The emotions; sadness, happiness, rage. It’s all tangible on the pages.

The end of this issue certainly sets up for the next. I’m not sure where this story is going to go, but Arthur will much to deal with now that he knows the truth.

I adore this current Aquaman series and I hope you do too. Make sure you grab the 49th issue of Aquaman!