DC Comic Review: BATGIRL #34


We open issue #34 with an odd spectacle indeed – people in good looking suits and animal heads. They’re plotting against Batgirl, viewing her as a large threat and one who must be eliminated. Though, they argue over what the best course of plan is in order to accomplish this goal. Once you get past the whole idea of it being animal headed beings who are talking to each other, it is a very common storyline for wealthy people looking to take down a vigilante and using their powerful resources to do so.

For Batgirl, she is looking to find a way to crack a problem she’s been trying to solve. This is a smart issue with different things coming into play. We have the enemy, Batgirl, and Barbara’s “real life”. We also have a cameo by Jim Gordon, which is always nice to see.

The illustration for this issue is done really well and very sharp; the coloring is beautiful and really makes for a captivating issue. There is cunning planning, inquisitive research, and some action scenes to really help move the issue along.

The end of #34 sees our heroine in a bit of a sticky situation, one she will surely have to figure out how to be free of in the next issue. This is a good one for any fan of Batgirl and anyone looking to see a fun, detective-esque story. Make sure you catch up on your reading and grab a hold of Batgirl #34 today.