DC Comic Review: Detective Comics #1002


Batman starts off this issue in a kill or be killed fight with the Arkham Knight, who is doing a fine job making it hard to believe that our Caped Crusader is going to make it out alive. This is wonderful way to start #1002, wondering how Batman is going to get out of their brawl alive. Not only is he up against the foe, but you have cops and such looking to get in on the action and civilians looking all around who can’t wait to get their hands on some prime footage of Gotham’s savior getting his ass handed to him.

Due to outside forces, the fight between Batman and the Arkham Knight has to be put on hold, as Batman leaves from the battle. Back at the Batcave, with Damian’s help; Bruce Wayne looks to find out more about Arkham Knight. It was a really great idea that this series fleshed out when it comes to bringing a video game character into the storyline; making for some great action scenes.

The second half of this issue primarily follows Damian as he looks out for anything that could help Batman. What’s interesting about the illustration in this comic is that when either Batman and Robin are in costume, the animation seems a lot brighter and livelier. It’s when either is in their civilian outfits that the scenery almost feels duller; it was something that stood out to me while I was reading it.

The Detective Comics is a tried and true series, which doesn’t fail to entertain. With the awesome no holds bare fight between Batman and Arkham Knight, this is something you are going to want to get your hold on, because it’s super interesting to see a different character to come to life and face up against our Gotham Dark Knight.

Pick up issue number #1002 immediately!