DC Comic Review: Green Arrow #50


Not everything is fine in paradise between Oliver Queen and Dinah aka Black Canary in Green Arrow #50. The final chapter of this series, every secret that had previously been beholden is laid out on the table and it’s a huge, emotional feature between the two lovers. This issue is dark, heartfelt, and really a window into who the Green Arrow is and what he must face.

If you’re a fan of Green Arrow and this run, I believe that this is a perfect way to end the series. We have Dinah and Oliver finally coming clean about a lot of things and you aren’t sure several times if their relationship can move forward. We have Oliver knowing who he is and where he must go and I cannot help but spoil Dinah telling Oliver “I’m not a Pretty Bird. I’m a Bird of Prey”. Yea, that shit – I liked it. But, seriously; this was a testament to these two’s relationship and you could really feel how tragic the subject at hand was for them. They’re two people who love each other, but in a way, they stand on opposite sides and their decisions may not put them on the same path.

The discovery that Oliver makes towards the end is climatic and does not disappoint, though; I must say, Oliver may not feel the same way. But, it’s a bittersweet to the end and it leaves it opens enough where you can put in your mind where you believe that this story could go. Oliver’s tale is never done, he is the Geen Arrow after all. But, he’s had to come to terms with a few things in this issue and it is sure to change his relationship with a lot of people moving forward.

Overall, this is a beautiful nod to the series and really gives us the Green Arrow that we love him as. It could be easy to see Oliver as a spoiled rich kid, but he knows that a lot of the world rests on his shoulders and he’s doing it all with a bow and arrow. I would give this issue a four out of five, a must read for an excellent conclusion.