DC Comic Review: Suicide Squad Black Files #4


It’s a cosmic adventure in the latest Suicide Squad Black Files #4 edition. Our story is primarily focused around Katana and Eve, exploring some deep and intense storylines of body swamps and more. This is the fourth installment in this six-part mini-series and it is high energy for the entire issue, with some really great visuals, and interactions between all of the characters.

Eve is commonly referred to as the “Snake-Lady” and there’s a great scene between her and Killer Croc that I admittedly did not see coming! Which, is always good. There are a lot of moving components to this comic book issue that I think a lot of readers are going to enjoy. There isn’t such a heavy reliance on Harley Quinn as in previous issues, but the few lines she does have are very classic Harley Quinn. No, this book mostly focuses around Katana and Eve, really telling a story of betrayal, hurt, and love.

At this point, Rick Flag has really cemented himself within the Suicide Squad and it’s hard to tell if he really even works for Amanda Waller anymore. With James Gunn taking over the new Suicide Squad movie, The Suicide Squad, and considering his background of cosmic exploration with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, I can’t help, but think that Black Files #4 would be a great storyline to derive from if he wanted to make this the relaunch he intends, rather than a sequel to the 2016 movie, starring Margot Robbie.

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Definitely make sure you get yourself a copy of Suicide Squad Black Files #4 and let me know @TC_Stark what you think!