DC Comic Review: Superman Year One


Everyone knows the story of Superman. Even those, much like myself; who had never picked up a comic book up until the past year, knows Superman. The boy from the planet Krypton, sent off before the world is destroyed in a ring of chaos. This superpowered boy lands on Earth and is raised with the people of Earth, exhibiting a strength like no one else.

This story that we all know so well is retold in Year One. It’s not really told in any sort of way that is new and the origin is not retconned – rather just retold with different artistry. Clark Kent’s human parents find him and in a way, it’s alluded to an idea that it wasn’t necessarily their idea to adopt this child as their own. That something within Clark was manipulating them to bring him in, but whatever the case is – the story is the same.

The 64 pages go quickly through Clark’s childhood. His teenage years. His parents seeing the strength and powers he possesses. Both he and his Earth parents look to conceal what he is to the outside world. There are telling signs – such as some emo kid discovering that a knife cannot pierce his skin. Clark even has a high school romance in this, but the retelling of Superman’s story moves quickly in the first issue.

While Superman is a beloved character, I wouldn’t necessarily say that this issue (so far) is required reading. Everything you know about Superman is in this issue. I’ll be interested to see what happens next as far as new material, but so far, it’s the same ol’ same ol’.