DC Comic Review: The Batman Who Laughs The Grim Knight #1


This is not the Batman you know. A much darker telling of Bruce Wayne’s upbringing and his view of crimefighting is completely the opposite of what you think of the Dark Knight. In the Grim Knight #1, this Batman derives from the previous storyline of the Batman who laughs and we see Jim Gordon or at least this version of Jim is, unfortunately, in the grasp of this ruthless version of Bruce Wayne.

This first issue really grabbed a hold of me, because as a Batman fan, you certainly are seeing a much different Bruce Wayne and it’s stark and almost terrifying to see. You feel the fear that Jim is experiencing while he is in the clutches of this version, so different than what anyone is used to. You can feel the terror of everyone who ever crossed his path, knowing that this Batman will not hesitate to use deadly force. And that smart Batman we know applies his wits to keeping the “peace” by essentially using terror.

The Grim Knight #1 is creepy, dark, terrifying, and a little sad. But, it’s a good spin on a classic character and it’s done exceptionally well. I would say this is an issue that is a must for you to pick up and read, because the end was a dark foreshadowing of what poor Jim Gordon has ahead of him and the future is not looking too good for him.