DC Comic Review: The Green Lantern #6


Last issue of The Green Lantern saw Hal in a complicated situation, one that we didn’t know if he could actually go through, considering how we had found out that him being expelled from the Green Lantern Corps was simply for show and Hal was, in fact, working undercover. We saw Hal go through every trial and tribulation that he was put through, but the last comic left us with a daunting feeling that Hal may have to go through something troublesome just to save face around the enemies he had aligned himself with.

I don’t want to ruin the events for you, but we see how hard this is and how Hal is dedicated to the mission given to him. I wanted to really quickly go over that the illustration for this issue looks a little different than previous issues? I had always believed that the Green Lantern series had really beautiful artwork and while it still is something more than I could ever do, I do feel like that the coloring and drawing is lacking a little here. I may be nitpicking a little, but when you have series such as Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Marvin Manhunter, and even the previous Green Lantern comics, the bar is set pretty high.

While everything may seem fine momentarily, there is certainly a threat that sets out to expose Hal’s post. But, the danger is quickly extinguished and Hal’s time undercover is quickly relieved. We see Hal don the Green Lantern suit again, which is relieving considering that only two issues prior we had thought that Hal may never return to the Corps, due to the false allegations against him. The ending sets up for what we will expect in the next issue, which is definitely a job for Hal Jordan.

I would say that for the simple fact of finding out what happens after the cliffhanger in the previous issue that you should pick up this one. It isn’t as impactful as previous issues, but still good for Green Lantern fans nonetheless.