DC Comic Review: Wonder Woman #69


It’s a time for love in the latest issue of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman, but not everything is as it seems in paradise. When a town is overcome by emotional feelings and the freedom to do as they please without consequence, it’s one big love-fest that Diana, at first; can get down with. After all, as she says, who is she to get in the way of other’s happiness. If everyone wants to have a big musical party in the middle of the street, far be it from her to stand in any of their ways.

It’s only when you find out who are the true culprits for this love-fest that Wonder Woman decides to step in and intervene. Though, it is Aphrodite who steps in eventually to help get down to the bottom of things, able to end the battle that could have ended bloody.

Together, Wonder Woman and Aphrodite look to find what set the cupids on their path and end up with a real terrifying discovery. As always, I quite enjoyed this issue and being able to see such strong women working together, as Aphrodite has become a real favorite of mine along this series. And just like the Aquaman series, the Wonder Woman series is deeply rooted in mythology, and gorgeous god-like characters that they provide.

Make sure you pick up a copy of issue #69 today!