DC Comic: Wonder Woman #64


Things are getting a little sticky for Wonder Woman in the latest issue of her series. First, let’s talk about how gorgeous the illustration of this series is. When we see Diana, we can feel her presence radiate through the pages. She not only has grace, but the strength to lead and go up against her enemies. She is kind and nurturing, but also strong enough to now cower in the face of danger.

In this issue, Diana is going up against something almost similar to the Civil War conflict in the Marvel comics. After her last fight, people are wondering if Wonder Woman needs to be regulated. If someone with that much power should be free to simply go off on her own. It’s something very real, as we all know that if superheroes existed in our universe, the government would find a way to try to put a harness on them.

But, Diana is also dealing with issues closer to home. Not only is Steve Trevor waiting tirelessly for her to return, but the land of the gods could very well be in danger due to Aries. Aphrodite is also in this issue, though; her role is mostly to almost gauge the temperature of Steve’s dedication to Wonder Woman.

Overall, it’s a good comic to read as far as the story is concerned. There is no real action involved in this issue, but it’s a nice in between. I would give this issue a 3/5, which still is worth it.