DC Comics Review: Catwoman #9


Things are getting sticky for Selina Kyle in the ninth issue of the Catwoman run. Just as beautifully illustrated as all of the issues beforehand, we see that perhaps Selina has met her match. The issue takes place mostly a week prior to the current events, explaining how Catwoman has gotten to where she is.

The Catwoman series isn’t particularly a strong series plotwise – or at least how they decide to spend their panels. But, this issue was certainly a cut above the rest with plenty of action and some killer moves by Selina. She’s not only dealing with seedy men in the underground scene, but the law as well. Things may have looked bad for her for a moment, but we all know that her agility and quick wit are what makes her two steps ahead.

This issue is great for Catwoman fans who love this character, as it is classic Selina. There is definitely a bit of a sense of a “tango” dance between her and the law enforcement officer working side by side with her in this issue. Selina always comes out on top and it’s why we love this character. I would say if you love Catwoman, you should pick up Catwoman #9.