DC Comics Review: Justice League #19


It’s ALIVE in Justice League #19. What am I talking about? The city of Metropolis of course. The Justice League is dealing with the mystical imp Mxyzptlk in this latest issue and things get a little funky in the latest issue in this series. With this powerful being toying with the members of the league, things start to get a little funky. Try the city of Metropolis coming alive and “eating” the city of Gotham. Or Green Lantern’s arm turning into candy – yea, it gets funky, but in a good way.

I have to start by saying the illustration in this issue is absolutely awesome. It’s a bit of a unique style that I have not seen in comic books all that often and I really enjoy the line work in this issue. You can really see the expression on every person and I particularly love the way The Flash was drawn, a character who really just seems to be having fun no matter what is happening.

Once J’Onn J’onnz has a hold of Mxyzptlk, the league must make a decision that will drastically change the reality as they know it. What I love about this issue is the twist. While you are shocked by one aspect, thinking it’s one thing, you are smacked with the fact that that is not the twist. That what we are seeing may not be what we think it is and we have to wonder, what will happen for our heroes? And what does Lex Luthor have to do with it? I really don’t want to spoil anything, but I give this issue a five out of five – a must read!