DC Comics Review: Justice League Dark #8


It is a cryptic, gruesome tale woven in Justice League Dark #8.

The latest installment in the Justice League Dark comics relies heavily on mysticism and sorcery is in full swing. #8 could be described as a “feature creature” of sorts, with all kinds of different monsters making an appearance, including Swamp Thing – which will be a treat for anyone who is looking forward to the upcoming show on DC Universe’s streaming platform, as we’re reminded of how grotesque this creature is.

With the creatures and underground sorts, we also have a storyline of Wonder Woman in search for answers. Does anyone complain when Wonder Woman is on screen? It’s great seeing her in a more “adult” and darker version of what we’re used to and the comic really does a great job of showcasing how strong her presence alone is.

The events of what happens, which I don’t want to spoiler; shows us that things are only going to get crazier with the next issue and a Pandora’s box of sorts has been open that who knows how it will be shut. Make sure you pick up this copy of Justice League Dark as soon as it hits the shelves!