DC Comics Review: Red Hood Outlaw #32


This latest issue in the Red Hood Outlaw series is a MUST pick up. Wow! First, let’s start off with the stunning visuals of this comic, outlining the very essence of Gotham itself. You can see, not only in this iteration; but that Gotham is very much a New York City type of city. We have the parts that are seedy and dangerous, the ones that get a bad rap. But, then you have the ridiculously wealthy who enjoy the fancy things in life – sometimes those are more corrupt than the ones living in worse sides of time.

We see Jason Todd having taken over The Penguin’s operation at the casino and he is doing quite well – running a good show and employing some familiar faces, who have no problem working for him now that he has given them large sums of money. We also see how well Jason has slipped in and if I dare say, how much of Bruce Wayne he has embodied, though; I’m sure that’s the last thing he wishes to be.

Of course, the best part of this issue is when Batman does show up and we can see the frustration in Bruce as he is begging Jason to not be a part of this. And Jason is just so clever and delivering some witty banter, much to Batman’s chagrin. This is a fantastic issue that I urge you all to pick up and read if you are a Red Hood fan, because this run is seriously a great adaptation of the character.