DC Comics Review: The Green Lantern #4


It’s another cosmic adventure in The Green Lantern #4 and this newest adventure picks up exactly where we left off in the previous issue, with there being…well, an issue with the fact that there is no more sun! That’s right, Hall Jordan and the other Green Lanterns have to band together in order to address this threat and it’s taking a lot of their power and courage in order to rectify the situation.

In #4, there’s a unique “Western” feel to it that you wouldn’t associate with outer space. But, the story of how the Lanterns are told very much in a style of someone detailing how heroes rose about hardships to save the day. It’s even told by a man with a cowboy hat and cowboy style jacket – except this guy has four arms.

On top of the threat of the sun, Hal Jordan and company are dealing with another problem and it’s a challenge of having to decide what is more pressing. We can see the conflict that Hal is dealing with and as there usually is with comics, there’s a sense of wanting to tell a story of internal dilemma and morality.

Unfortunately, Hal’s deeds put his life on the line and as we’ve seen time and time again, doing the right thing sometimes has negative consequences. What Hal is met with after doing what he thought was best is heartbreaking and it’s a classic tale of a hero falling. The ending, which you think is going in one shocking direction; ends up going in another and we must wonder what will happen to our dear hero? The next issue is going to be interesting that’s for sure!

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I would say that this is a MUST buy! Two thumbs up!