DC Comics Wonder Woman #61 Review


Get ready to geek out with Wonder Woman #61! The battle is thick and intense in this comic issue, brought to us by Wilson, Xermanico, and Fajardo Jr. First, I have to comment on how gorgeous every panel of this comic issue is. From the ethereal Aphrodite, to the emotion on Steve Trevor’s face, to simply every curve of Wonder Woman’s muscles. This is a very well-done comic and had me on the edge of my seat with every panel, wondering what surprise would await for me around the corner.

The goddess of love and Steve Trevor have a little discussion on love and the wars and problems it has caused throughout time, with Aphrodite ready to become the goddess of something else. Steve though, smitten always by Diana; is convinced that he can turned the goddess around on the emotion, claiming that it could be love that could help end the war that is plaguing the planet. Don’t be fooled though, thinking that the goddess is just a gorgeous woman to gawk at, she is powerful and strong.

Of course, this comic issue reminds us again that Wonder Woman is possibly one of the strongest members of the Justice League. Battling up against Ares and protecting children at the same time, she races to return said children to the Prime Minister and hopefully end this war. In the midst of battle, we get a cute scene when not only she is reunited with Steve Trevor, but in the presence of Aphrodite. Seeing these two powerful women in a panel together was a treat to see and I knew everything would be okay while in their hands.

That is until the final panel. I don’t want to ruin who shows up, but it is truly the work of the illustration artist that helps capture the intensity of the reveal. It’s a moment that will have you going “oh sh*t” but at the same time feel excited because it’s so god damn cool. This is a comic issue you most certainly need to pick up and it reminds us that Wonder Woman is simply the best. You can grab this awesome comic from your local comic retailer or by clicking the link below.