DC Universe’s Titans Second Season Heading to Netflix International

If you’re a fan of DC Universe’s Titans and you live outside of the US, you’ll be happy to know that the series will be heading to Netflix for its second season! Again, this is only for fans who are international, as within the United States you can only find the show on the DC streaming platform. The first season, after concluding on DC Universe on December 21, 2018, hit Netflix on January 11, 2019. Black Lightning was the first DC property to get international distribution.

Filming for the second season hasn’t begun yet, but fans are eager to see where the story heads considering the cliffhanger we were given in the season finale. Whether they continue the Trigon storyline and move more focus on the Deathstroke family, we are unsure, but Titans season one did a great job in telling their tale and setting a dark tone for many to enjoy. So, we have no doubt that they’ll do a fantastic job with the second season.

Source: CB