DC Year of the Villain: The Most Dangerous Summer Event Starts Here! Review

DC Year of the Villain (2019)

Art by: Alex Maleev, Jim Cheung, Francis Manapul

Written by: James T Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Brian Michael Bendis

It really has been a great year for the geek fandom all over the world no matter if you are a Cinephile, Comic Book nerd, Otaku, or a Gamer. There is something big happening for everyone and for us comic book fans it is the beginning of DC’s Year of the Villain.

DC’s Year Of The Villain is a fantastic set up for what is to come. We start with Amanda Waller rushing to speak with the President of the United States of America. Starting off with Amanda Waller rushing towards the President shows really how urgent the situation is because Amanda is usually the one the makes people wait especially leaders like the President. As she walks through the door it is not the president that she sees but someone else (Find out tomorrow!). In these first two pages, we as an audience can feel the urgency that the heroes will face in later issues.

For the next five pages, Lex Luthor’s tells Mercy to tell everyone is fired and if they do not leave the building in the next five minutes, they will all die by him personally. Mercy comments, “You’re going to murder Superman.”  Lex Luthor’s response is something I would never think of him saying, which was, “It’s that there are things far bigger than Superman.” Lex has gone through a big change from being obsessed with Superman and not believing in anything to not focusing on Superman for once to believing in something bigger than himself and even Superman.


Lex later talks to Brainiac about his plans and this is something the frightens me. Lex believes what he is doing is for a higher purpose and he is willing to do anything to achieve that goal and what Lex does at the end of chapter one is something I didn’t see coming until the last minute.

In chapter two we start off with Merlyn, Batgirl, and Green Arrow. When Batgirl and Green Arrow catch Merlyn Batgirl and Green Arrow see that Merlyn is trying to run away from something and it is not Batgirl and Green Arrow. Batgirl asks why Merlyn was running and all Merlyn says, “We are in the middle of the Royal Flush.” Oliver does not know what it means but Batgirl does, and she knows it is not good. Throughout this whole issue, you can just sense the urgency with each character because of this one event that is going to happen, and it is just making want to read more and more.

Merlyn talks about how the League of Assassins has already been taking out and not just them, but every single organization in the DC Universe. This is where Batgirl agrees and tries to get in the helicopter but at this time it is too late because Leviathan is here, and they all disappear instantly the panel goes black. This is where we see the mysterious figure talking to Batgirl saying that she is a Noble Warrior and asked her to save the world by joining him, but the big question is can he be trusted?

Having three different artist and writers for each chapter in a single issue is really cool and it made since because they are three different storylines but the all have the main focus and to figure that out, we will all have to keep reading each issue of said comic. I feel like it’s going to be hard to keep up but all in all it will be worth it in the end.

So many events going on at once for an issue is very incredible and it is only 25 cents! I highly suggest you pick this up because this will be a start of one of the best storylines in comic book history, I can promise you that!