Deadpool 2’s Rob Delaney To Play Unknown Role in Detective Pikachu


Ryan Reynolds has been around for quite some time, but due to his popularity as the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, he’s become synonymous with the role of Wade Wilson. Which, would make detaching him from his role in the upcoming movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu a little difficult. On top of the beloved Pokemon character being voiced by Reynolds and making jokes similar to the fashion in which Deadpool does, it’s come to light that fellow Deadpool 2 actor Rob Delaney has joined the live-action/animated hybrid film.

Delaney is on the official cast list, according to Revenge of the Fans; but his name has not popped up anywhere online. Who he voices, we’re unsure of. But, he’s in it according to trustworthy sources and considering his part has not been revealed, we can only guess who he is playing. Let the fun begin! Who would you like to see Delaney play/voice?

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