Director Of Upcoming ‘Monster Hunter’ Film Shares Some Details


When Monster Hunter Was released back in 2004 on the PlayStation 2, the action-RPG was an incredible success. So much so that it inspired a book, a manga and eventually an anime series. With that kind of success, it was only a matter of time before a film adaptation was discussed.

It was back in May that fans learned that indeed a Monster Hunter film was coming their way starring Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich. Production was rumored to begin this month and recently Director Paul W.S. Anderson shared some of the details on the upcoming adaptation while talking during a sci-fi horror series on YouTube called Origin.

During his discussion, he didn’t go into a lot of detail as one might expect with a project so early on its genesis but he did mention that the additional casting process will be starting soon:

 “We’re about to make a big series of announcements about the rest of the cast,” said the Director. “Milla [Jovovich] is definitely in it. We have a really exciting big cast that’s going to join her. I can’t say anything [more] about it right now.”

While short of actual details, Anderson did mention his great admiration of the franchise, and how much this project means to him.

“I’ve been trying to make this movie and talking to Capcom for ten years now, so it’s really a labor of love for me. We know it will begin filming in Cape Town, South Africa but other than that – it’s all up in the air. “The landscapes are incredible. Tolkien was influenced by South Africa when he was writing Lord of the Rings. It’s really epic scenery. For Monster Hunter, we needed insane landscapes.”

For you fans of the Monster Hunter series, how excited are you to see that this film is finally starting to come to fruition? What will define success for you once the film is complete? Share your Monster Hunting memories and opinions with us at GVNation.