Disney-Fox Deal Set to Finalize in June


The Disney-Fox merger is inching closer to completion, as a new SEC filing shows that the $71.3 billion dollar acquisition of Fox by Disney will be completed by June of this year (2019). This means that Disney would be able to control about 40% of the box office, which is a huge deal for just one studio to do. While most people are patiently awaiting this merger because of what it means for Marvel fans, some are concerned that one company owning so much of a market could spell for trouble down the line.

Either way, this deal is happening and it’s only a matter of time. Originally the deal was meant to be completed in March, but due to unknown delays, the deal is projected to go through in June. It hasn’t just been two companies making this deal, but they needed approval from pretty much everyone, including the Department of Justice and international outlets as well. Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense has until March 23rd of this year to officially make its ruling.

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Source: Screen Rant