Disney+ Reportedly Renewing Jon Favreau’s ‘The Mandalorian’ for Season 2

Show the first season? We don’t need to show the stinkin’ first season! You’re renewed! You’re Renewed!…Ok, I know I am mixing my metaphors here, but the point is, it has become relatively common place for shows to be renewed in their early stages. So it might come as no surprise that Disney+ has reportedly planned to renew The Mandalorian for a second season. The new series which is being lead by Jon Favreau (Iron ManThe Jungle Book) is set to star Pedro Pascal (Game of ThronesKingsman: The Golden Circle) in the titular role as a bounty hunter. He will be joined by Gina Carano (DeadpoolFast & Furious 6), Carl Weathers (RockyPredator), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking BadThe Jungle Book), Nick Nolte (48 Hrs.Warrior), and Werner Herzog (Jack ReacherMetalocalypse).

In truth, with all Disney+ has put into this series, it would come as no surprise that they have committed to at least two seasons. Its creation was one of the foundation blocks for the new streaming service. Would you be surprised if Disney has indeed renewed The Mandalorian for a second season? Share how you feel about it with GVNation.

Source: ComicBook