Disney+ To Adapt the Marvel What If Series Into an Animated Show


With Disney+ around the corner, we’re wondering what content will fill up the upcoming streaming service. We know we’re going to be getting a Loki series, as well as one based around Wanda and Vision, as well as Groot and Rocket. Even Star Wars content such as the Mandalorian seems to be a highly-anticipated series, but it seems that Marvel is bringing in another popular comic book series to the service.

The What If comic series will be a new animated show brought in by Kevin Feige, but we’re learning that this will not be canon to their larger MCU, like their other series will. The What If series is an anthology series that will explore how certain moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have panned out if it went in a certain direction. One such example is their “What if Loki had found the hammer of Thor” from Vol 1 #47.

The What If series first launched in 1977, with almost 200 issues having been produced in its 9 volume run. With so much content, such as “What if the X-Men died on their first mission”? or “What if Venom possessed The Punisher”? there’s a ton of content to choose from. Personally, I would love to see the Venom symbiote taking over The Punisher, simply because there’s been a Punisher sized hole in my heart ever since Netflix’s cancellation. Despite it being animated, this would surely be a good one for fans.

Feige himself is excited for Disney+ to launch and why wouldn’t he be with all of the great content we’re expecting:

“So it’s pretty exciting to be 10 plus years into the MCU and have an entirely new outlet to tell stories with new characters, with existing characters. And the way we like to do nineties action movie, political thrillers, heist movies, you hear us talk about this all the time, and now we get to do play with a medium even more in a multi-episode arc, which we’re excited about.”

Are you excited for the What If series? Let us know!

Source: Slash Film 

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