Donnie Yen and Ludi Lin on Shortlist to Play in Marvel’s Shang-Chi


One of the upcoming films in the MCU will be Shang-Chi, Marvel’s first film with an Asian male lead, fans have been pumped at the propest of seeing this martial artist superhero on screen.

The question? Who will play Shang-Chi. According to That Hashtag Show, the two actors on the shortlist for this film are Donnie Yen and Ludi Lin. Lin just appeared in Aquaman and Black Mirror, check out our interview with Ludi in the link here.

Donnie Yen is a well-known name that would certainly draw fans in by recognition alone. Lin though is younger and would have the longevity for a few more phases in the MCU. THS has this to say about Yen’s potential role in Shang-Chi

Additionally, our source indicated to us that Marvel Studios hoped to meet with Donnie Yen for an as yet unidentified role, confirming prior reports.

With the age difference it is possible we see Lin as Chi and perhaps Donnie Yen as the Mandarin?

Just because Yen and Lin are on the shortlist, though; does not guarantee them the role.

Who would you want to see as Shang-Chi?