Doom Patrol Does Not Connect to the DCEU, Executive Producer Confirms


DC Universe’s second original series, Doom Patrol; is coming soon – February 15th – and in a recent panel with the cast of the rag-tag group, executive producer Sarah Schecter commented about the involvement that their series has with the bigger DCEU. Long story short, there is no correlation between Doom Patrol and the DC movies:

“DC has made a decision, quite smartly, to separate the cinematic world and the television world.”

This question primarily emerged from a question in regards to the fact that there are different actors playing Cyborg in the movies and in the upcoming television version. Jovian Wade, who plays Cyborg on Doom Patrol; spoke on that:

“It’s an earlier cyborg — he’s coming into his powers and a long way off to the Justice League. There’s a distinction between this version others.”

On top of the core cast we will see, co-executive producer Jeremy Carver revealed that we will also see the likes of Beard Hunter, Celsius, Lodestone, and Danny the Street in the series. What we will see in Doom Patrol is similar to that of X-Men, where people like them are shunned from the rest of the world and they will struggle with their exposure to the outside world. Brandon Fraser, who plays Robotman; then punctuated at the end of the panel: “This ain’t the Justice League.”

Doom Patrol hits DC Universe on February 15th.

Source: Deadline